I'm still in love with my white MI4c

Sep 11, 2016
Me too - not just the camera :) Have been looking at the new phones and none of them catch my eye. So it has to go on working so well for a while longer.
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Oct 20, 2016
The update is finish for MI4C to bad,my phone work like charm,,
I Installed LineageOS 14.1on my MI4c and found more battery life, less heating and more speed. AH, the most important, finally without bloatload Apps and with all google Apps and Assistant that work as they should.
Oct 20, 2016
Hi,What android verz.is up.How can I Install this Rom.I haw twrp and xiaomi eu.multi.Haw this Lineage Croatina Language?Thanks!
download and follow instruction from LineageOS
If you get error 7 while flashing ROM using TWRP, there are tons of tutorials on how to resolve that on the net.
Jan 12, 2016
Still in love with my white Mi4c too! Still working like a charm. Only had to do two things up until now to have him working as new: a battery change and a cleaning of the GPS antenna contacts because the GPS stopped finding satellites.
As to the change to the lineage ROM never thought of it very seriously. Maybe some day. Does the edge controls work with that ROM? After almost three years of using them as back button right now I can't live without them :p