Imilab ec4 hub creates an open wifi network


Nov 22, 2022
Hi all
I have set up an ec4 camera and its hub on my network, successfully.

All works OK, but I realised the hub creates an open (no password) wifi network (name starts with "adh_").
We can actually connect on it and use the internet...
There's no option anywhere, anyone knows how to turn this off?
I'm becoming a free wifi provider of the neighbourhood...
Turns out the hub just needs a restart (or two) @jg2302
Probably a temp network they create on setup, to enable sync of the camera with the hub, or whatever.
Nah, keeps coming back. I restart the hub, the open network disappears for a while, then it comes back. BTW anyone knows the WiFi password of the other hub network (chuangmi-hub-xxxxx)?
Updated firmware to the latest version. Restarted device and open network reappeared again..


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one more finding. with this latest update. Open network remains unavailable until I try to connect smart hub to wifi. After connection fails then this open network appears. i had to restart hub for two times, now open network not available, for last 2 hours at least.
update: imilab responded that they are working on this problem. lets wait for fix.