Incoming call contact number not recognized


May 4, 2011
Good night everybody.

I just installed MIUI rom in my Motorolla Milestone, and so far it's awesome! Thanks for all the developers. But there's this one thing that's bothers me a bit.

When I just installed the rom I realized that whenver I was receiving a call, the phone wouldn't reconize the number and would only show it like unknown, even if I have the number from the call stored in my contacts.

So I figured out this: I store the phone numbers in my contacts already with the operator code (I travel a lot and that saves me a bit of time when calling back home), and when I'm receiving a call my phone shows the number without this code, and, because of that, won't recognize the number.

Is that anyway that I can fix it? Or is that a bug that will be solved for the next version?

Thanks in advance!