Install Rom w/out usb debugging


Apr 21, 2021
I was wondering if it is possible to install de ROM for this device without connecting the phone to my PC. The reason is that the usb port in my phone is not working properly because of the custom ROM I'm using right now (Pixel Experience).

Also, is there any specific procedure I should do in order to switch from a custom ROM to a ROM? If so, could anybody explain it to me step-by-step? Every post I've seen so far explains how to switch from the stock ROM to the xiaomi ROM.

I hope someone can help here! :D

Igor Eisberg

Lead Developer
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Oct 6, 2016
Sure, you can copy it to your phone using FTP over WiFi:

As for procedures, well, after you copy it to your phone, reboot to TWRP, flash the ROM normally (make sure auto-reboot is not checked), and when it's done - don't reboot yet, go back to main screen, then Wipe -> Format Data. When it's done, reboot to system.
Note that this will also clear your internal storage, so back up anything valuable to your PC beforehand (using the same FTP over WiFi method).
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