Installing Via OTG on Redmi K30 Pro?


Nov 15, 2020
On the MIUI 12.3 20.11.11/12 page, I saw the following:
About TWRP issue for cmi/umi/lmi: it has been fixed by new TWRP builds for these devices - download these builds here: Mi 10 Pro, Redmi K30 Pro, Mi 10.
If you are flashing our ROM first time - flash these recoveries ONLY AFTER FLASH 20.10.15 and above for cmi/lmi, AFTER 20.11.5 for umi - otherwise you will get infinitive blinks on TWRP splash! Your recovery will be replaced automatically during 20.11.11/12 install as well. These TWRP builds don't support /data decryption - next updates have to be installed via USB-OTG (adb sideload doesn't work).
I have two questions:
1. What was the TWRP issue mentioned above? I used the old version of TWRP to install ROM on my Redmi K30 Pro and it seems fine?
2. What does "installing via USB-OTG" mean? I apologize if this question sounds too trivial but I'm new to custom ROMs so I have no idea.