Is Fastboot reinstall is it possible or alternative methods. I'm running out of things to try.


Aug 10, 2023
I have two Redmi Note 10 pro's. I have been updating them both using the fastboot method successfully over the last year. Recently I tried updating my wife's phone using fastboot and all i get is the "waiting for device..." message. I know I'm using the correct drivers, USB port and cable because I am able to successfully update my phone (same model). But just for the heck of it I also tried 4 other PCs multiple cables and ports. No matter what I try its the same thing. I even tried eliminating the PC altogether and used the Gugjaeger android app to connect my phone to hers, once again as soon as it goes into fastboot its unrecognized.

My question is two fold. Can I reinstall fastboot as I dont know what else I can try. I tried just about everything suggested on this site and google. If I can not reinstall is there a alternative way that I can update her phone without fastboot.

If you took the time to read this Thank you! Any suggestions at this point would be appreciated,