Is My Redmi Note 3 (mediatek) Faulty ?

Apr 16, 2016

I just got a Redmi note 3 (mediatek) 16gb/2GB ram and for the love of god it overheats soo bad that the screen dims;
The screen dims so bad just after 2 (TWO!) uploads to imgur with HSPA+ mobile internet.

So basicly this is what ive done:
Ive taken picture #1 of CPUZ temps after leaving the phone without internet and 'asleep' for 10 minutes:

This the "cooled" temps:

At these temps the screen starts to dim:


Basicly ive uploaded these two pics to imgur and screen started dimming after the screen is beeing 'asleep and awoken back again'

Things to consider:
-rom is stable, rooted, from (no bloatware, otherwise untouched)
-i use my screen at fixed 100% all the time (yes, 100% sure its not adaptive light)
-no apps ware running in the backround durring this test (other then imgur, cpu-z and gallery)
-no battery profiles, or apps etc, basicly the phone has nothing that changes anything power related nor generates heat

What im asking is: is my unit faulty ?
Should i seek service ?
Apr 4, 2016

I have the same issue with the same xiaomi eu with the old from xiaomi eu there was nothing about overheat or something else the battery lifetime is much lower then the old ROM