Is worth asking the seller for rooting a phone?

May 16, 2014
Hi Everyone!

Please excuse my ignorance in the topic. I need to change the phone and after searching for a while I decided to buy a RedMi 1S, as MIUI is really appealing to me.

But I would like to ask if is worth asking the seller to root the phone. All in all, I am not a guy who likes to tinker a lot with roms and all. Maaaaybe in the future I would like to install the Multilang Rom, but probably I will stick just to the installing the official updates through the updater, as for me english language is enough. Appart from that, I just need installing normal apps like Gmail or PlayStore. That's all.

Given that, I wanted to know what options appart from installing custom ROMs (which I dont know if multilang is a custom or not) gives me the root stuff and if you need to have it to unistall all the chinese apps.

Thanks in advance.