Issues setting up Mi 10 Global after bootloop and data wipe


Jul 5, 2020
My Mi10 5g has been randomly rebooting itself and last night it rebooted itself into a bootloop. Accessing the recovery menu I tried every option without results...rebooting to system returned to bootloop, safe mode would not boot, connect with mi assistant wouldn't recognize that there was even a device plugged in to connect to I was left with wipe data, which had worked without issue the one other time that it randomly rebooted itself into bootloop back in March. So I chose to wipe data and then rebooted to setup but it's not setting up properly. It won't connect to the network or WiFi and when I tell it to skip and set up offline it still tries connecting and then tells me it can't connect to Google servers to log me in to finish setting up device. I would greatly appreciate any guidance, TIA.