New Issues with dual apps when using work profile


Feb 15, 2023
Right now I was able to exactly reproduce a bug using dual apps when work profile is set by using Microsoft company portal app.

For example in protonmail app: When I want to open a link it's working without any problem.
When I reproduce the same situation in cloned protonmail app I receive the error message that it's blocked by it administrator.
I can reproduce this error with every other cloned dual app when I try to open links in the app.
Never had this problem before with my Mi 9 and the same company using Microsoft company portal app.

Can you developers help?
Thank you!


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I have the same situation exactly. Problem found on Mi13 Miui14, but NOT my Mi9 Miui12.
checked with Google MDM team, it wasn't the device policy crossing restriction to Dual-apps, it was Miui Dual-app placing the cloned app into Work-Profile, hence the cloned app get restricted indirectly.


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Two things:

1. "Blocked by your IT admin" bug: For me it was a bug in latest stable ROM. Switching to weekly solved it. Or it was the new installation, I don't know.

2. The second bug that dual apps are not correctly working in log in process by using chrome is still not working. When I try to log in with my account details in second dual app instance then for some apps like Zalando Shopping it's not working because chrome cache automatically filled in account details from first instance and I can't switch it.
Hi! My problem is with WhatsApp... Whe i Open a PDF ir link a message "block by it administrator" appear...

I look for update but Say that My phone (redmi 12) is up yo date...