Issues With Installing Rom

Eddy Zwets

Feb 28, 2018
Hi all,

I just received my Mi Mix 256/6 with Global rom. Very happy with it but I like to use it in the Dutch language.
So I ended up here and followed the tutorial: Step By Step To Install Eu Rom?
I hope that you can help me to resolve the issues below.... many thanks in advance!!!!!


0 - Charge your phone (passed succesfully)

1 - Unlock your phone (passed succesfully)

2 - Install TWRP by MrRaines(Mr Tomatico)
[MIUI DEVICE TEAM] Final TWRP Recovery by MrRaines Without TouchScreen Issues!
But here I am stuck: first issue is that I can install twrp without any issues (version 3.0.2-0) but when I want to run I'll get the message to enter a password "twrp decrypt data password".. I do not have one....
second issue is that it says that you can enter the twrp by holding volume up and power.. but then it starts Mi recovery 3.0...

3 - Download latest build
(I downloaded this version: xiaomi.eu_multi_MIMix_V9.2.1.0.NAHCNEK_v9-7.0)

4 - Copy zip file into internal memory
(could this be an issue when I can't access the encrypted data partition?)

5 - Boot to recovery (Vol - / Power)
(when I use Vol - / Power) I'll get Fastboot mode)
(when I use Vol + / Power) I'll get Mi recovery 3.0)

6 - Install

6 bis - If TWRP says your system is "READ ONLY" :
- Go to Mount
- Check Read Only
- Check System
- Uncheck read Only
- Check again System

7 - Enjoy


Dec 2, 2017
Ok, I'm no pro, but here's what I did:

Remove any screenlock, also any pattern lock.
Enable USB debugging, then put the phone into fastboot mode.

Use this TWRP by raupe.

You probably have to fastboot flash it from a PC, at least I couldn't flash it from the other Raines TWRP.

Boot into TWRP, and immediately format data.
You probably have to uncheck "read only" and/or mount something, don't remember exactly.

This gets rid of the encryption.

Then you should be able to copy the ROM zip file from your PC, the PC should see the sdcard while TWRP is running.

Flash the ROM from within TWRP.

If you boot to system before flashing the eu rom, the MIUI ROM will replace TWRP with its recovery.
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