Keyboard closing when Charging


Nov 9, 2010
As the title says... whenever i charge my phone and try to type a text at the same time, the keyboard randomly closes and i have to reclick on the text to bring the keyboard back up. its one of the most annoying things ever lol. it always seems to happen mid-word and it just goes really slow when i try to bring the keyboard back up.

anyone else having this issue? it happened on previous versions too, i just always thought it was something random, but its starting to happen again.
I also happens when the phone is not charging!
is quite uncomfortable and frustrating, I hope it repaired as soon as possible
I've had this problem with MIUI since October. I've complained on several forums -- many of them saying I'm crazy because they haven't witnessed it yet -- now I'm seeing more people having this issue.

This needs fixed. When the keyboard closes in landscape mode, I can no longer see what I'm typing when I try to continue a message. Soooo annoying.
yea its continued when i charge my phone. my phone pretty much goes crazy when i charge it, it never seems to work smoothly if hooked it
I thought it was a HTC Keyboard problem, but it seems it isn't.
can someone let MIUI devs know of this issue?
Fixed it. Clean flash did the trick

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I've got the same issue only when charging. I've tried fresh installs after wiping everything, updated to new ROM's, tried different SMS Apps, etc all to no avail. This issue is sooooo annoying!!!
This problem is still present in 1.1.7 Evo. Had it in previous builds as well.

Any fix yet?

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I've had the same problem since around October on the Incredible (currently running I always thought it happened whether I was plugged in or not but after testing just now, I can only reproduce it while plugged in. It happens on the default android keyboard, HTC_IME, Better Keyboard, and Smart Keyboard Pro.

I don't know if it helps, but each time it closes, alogcat shows the following:

W/KeyCharacterMap(20989): No keyboard for id 65541
W/KeyCharacterMap(20989): Using default keymap: /system/usr/keychars/qwerty.kcm.bin

This happened while composing an email in gmail and I can easily reproduce it in Gmail and AK notepad.

I just thought I'd throw in my two cents since it seems to be a problem for more than just me.
Just tested again with better keyboard, htc_ime mod and the stock keyboard and you're right, its only happening when charging in 1.1.7 Evo for me.

Which battery icon do you use and which transition animations are you using?

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