Late Whatsapp notification and horrible haptic feedback - pls advice.


Jan 4, 2022
Hi, I'm new here and I have a question because I don't know what to do anymore, I've tried everything and I'm really angry!

In December I bought a new phone Xiaomi 11 Lite 5G NE 8GB / 128GB model and currently I have MIUI Global 12.5.8 version.

I have two major problems with my phone and I can't work with it normally.

1. I don't get notifications correctly, for example, someone calls me on WhatsApp, I get a notification at the last second or not all, and if someone calls me the second or third time only after that the phone send me notification about it, if someone send me an message on WhatsApp then in 90% of cases I get notification after approx. 2 minutes and it is the same issue for messenger. I am connected on my Wi-fi the whole day at home. For other devices there are not any issue.

Any ideas how this is possible? Emails also. I will receive a notification in a few hours. I went through every single article on the internet.. When someone calls or writes me, I need information in that second and not in a few hours or minutes.
It makes me very uncomfortable using the phone.
For the third week, I don't do anything else but trying to resolve the issue, trust me I tried everything unless I put a lot of money on the protective glass and cover, so I immediately return the phone and take the A52S. This is disaster and I do not want to install different ROM, this is not my job and also I am not sure how to do it so please do not recommend me this option ! I went through every single setting in the phone I have everything allowed, no battery saving enabled or any other restriction and yet it hasn't improved.

It also prevents me from working, because when someone writes to me, it doesn't appear on my phone. The only thing that works is SMS or if someone calls me classically.

2.The next thing is a catastrophic haptic response.
The phone has no response but the vibrating motor is one of the best in it. If I have active quiet mode and someone called me, I wouldn't hear it at all and it vibrates weaker than my previous Xiaomi A1 Android one phone. The only good thing is the vibration during writing, because it can be set separately on the Google keyboard. But in the settings menu I can have it on max but the haptic is really really weak. I checked some reviewers about this, here in Czech republic one of the reviewers said the same about this phone but another China reviewer said that this phone has the best haptic feedback in the class. How is this possible?

Is this normal? Will a fix be planned in MIUI 13 ?

Thanks for help!
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