Launcher "crashing" esp when closing browser

Mar 15, 2012
Over the last 3 updates I've noticed that my launcher seems to crash (blank screen but for wallpaper, then icons slowly reappear) when pressing the home button, especially when closing a browser (I'm using ICS+ and Chrome Beta). I would estimate this happens around 75% when closing the browser. Now happening a lot with gtalk app.
When this first started happening I switched from the default MIUI launcher to Nova which seemed to lessen the problem, however last week and this weeks update seem to have increased to the same level no matter what launcher I use. This week I did a full wipe and install but it is still happening. Long pressing the home button seems to indicate that I'm not out of memory.
The logcat attached was captured as soon as I got my icons back after the last crash but not being an expert I don't know what I'm looking at.

Any thoughts or ideas? Anyone else getting similar issues?

Nexus S 2.4.20