Launcher keeps force closing!


Nov 12, 2011
Yesterday I rooted my droid x and installed MIUI. I LOVE it. I loved the clock widget, until I realised it was 24 hour clock. So I decided to install the 12 hour clock mod.... I did not read how to install mods. BIG mistake. Now when I boot up my phone the launcher is constantly force closing. I have a backup saved in bootstrap, but I cant open any apps. Please help I'm scared for my phone.
Oh my god, that was scary. I was able to fix it. I had to hold the home button at just the right time in between the force closes, to open up the recent apps, then I scrolled over to search, searched for bootstrap. Nothing; because I wiped all data in my frightenment.( if thats a word) So then I searched for market, installed bootstrap and then restored, then re installed miui. I am so happy my phone is working. I was in a panic.