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  1. Hi friends, I have just created my account, I am looking forward to learn as much as possible of this OS, I come from an almost pure MacOS experience dating from de time of the 512, a little disappointed with the iPhone 5 and the inflexibility of the plataform in which it is based.

    I got my Xperia ion around two weeks ago and I enjoying it very much. The same day I receive it I was able to root it and now I am trying to acquire as much information as possible to install miui on the device. I am still don't have an exact overview of the hole Android acosystem, hopefully you will help me with the installation of the ROM and other Android related things.

    Have a nice day, Javier
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  3. Well that are bad news, for what I see you have a nice community here. I wish you the best. Thank you for the link you sent. I am not sure I will visit the forum too often, I will, if OK for you, post some comments if I am able to install the ROM in my phone,