Lockscreen behavior: Notifactions disappearing from lockscreen after unlock


Mar 23, 2021
Hi there,

I'm coming from stock Android based ROMs and soon I noticed that all notifications I get (when the phone is locked) disappear from the lock screen once the phone is unlocked and locked again. I find this quite unacceptable as this is a constant reminder for having unanswered messages for me and several other users during my google research. I want to decide on my own which notifactions are important or not to show up on my lock screen by swiping them away manually.

I did not find any settings to disable this. Is this by intention? If yes, why? Are there any workarounds for this behaviour?


Oct 3, 2019

Welcome to the MIUI world... ^^

That's MIUI behavior/logic and there is no option to change that. :(


Oct 24, 2021
Hey there,

well, why is there no option to change this?
I would consider it a bug or an issue at least.
Silently removing something is never a good idea. Especially if the user doesn't want it to be removed.

I find it to be very annoying to have to unlock my phone, scroll down to open the notification menu just to see the timer I started or my scheduled appointments that I like to be informed about ahead of time.

Besides, not showing any notifications on the lock screen gives the impression that there are none.
Most phones these days have a notification LED to avoid the necessity of even having to look at the lock screen at all.
MIUI's behavior is like a step backwards.
Unless you get hundreds of notifications I see no reason to have them disappear.

I don't know much about the MIUI ecosystem, but is there a way to request this as a feature?