Lost Imei/sim Card Not Recognized 2014813

May 1, 2016
Hello, help me please. now not near the computer, write with phone. my redmi 2 (2/16) is discharged to 0 and turned off, I turned it on the charger and immediately tried to turn. the screen lit up, but he was not included for a long time, I took the battery out and tried to turn it on again. again nothing happened, I waited until the phone charged a little (to 25%), tried to turn it back on. logo appeared, then disappeared for a long time was a black screen, but it was lit. I accidentally pressed the power button and there are MI and Android logos the phone turn on, but not see the SIM card, Wi Fi was included for a very long time. in the "information about device" is not displayed imei. I thought that rom broken, downloaded the files, went to program "update" and clicked "reboot into recovery", there was a boot animation (the spinning circle) and nothing more happened. I thought that all the same something here not so. I have a very bad connection, so there is no way to search the Internet, I decided to ask here. what do I do with no computer? thanks in advance
May 1, 2016
Wrong ROM flashed? 86047 is correct ROM and NOT 88047

1. Search a tutorial to fix your network signal with NON-HLOS.bin
2. Install a Fastboot-ROM with Mi Flash
Now your device is working correctly
3. Install TWRP
4. Install your favorite ROM