low system cache ...


Feb 12, 2011
Hi Everyone

I like this update but having an issue, everything working fine but my system cache is very very low

I partitioned my sd card n app2sd works fine, some times I feel fc with fring and some other applications

Miui 1.2.1.r1

radio 32.44*

kernel 2.6.35


bravo PVT3 Ship S-off



touch panel- synw0101


aug 10 2010, 17.52.18

basically on QSI info is like

sd card total 3.21GB free 1.35GB

a2sd total 457MB free 226MB

internal storage total 148MB free 76.95MB

system stoage *total 250mb free 141mb

system cache total 40.00mb free 3.00mb

I already did in terminal emmulator a2sd cachesd command

Is it common or there is some prob with my phone as well as on quadrant it shows your device 1246 on 3rd/4th number

is it okay or i need to do something on my phone


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Nov 7, 2010
I don't really use a2sd, but perhaps there is a method in a2sd script to move cache to data partition instead of ext?


Feb 15, 2011
Couple things you need to know:

If you have a Class 2 SDCard (if it is the one you got with the phone, it probably is), you should NOT run your Apps or your Dalvik on an ext3 off the SDCard. The card is too slow and will throw errors like you are experiencing.

1. If you have an ext3 set up, back up your data to your PC and reformat the card, getting rid of the ext3. (Use SDFormatter v3 to do this - works from your PC).
2. If you are short of space for apps on your internal memory (/data), you can move your Dalvik to your /cache partition like so:
a2sd cachepart
3. Whenever your Market updates, it creates a file in your /cache called "Download.apk". These serve some purpose during the update but are useless afterward and just take up space. You can use Root Explorer to safely delete them after each update.