M1 S

Oct 31, 2012
Hello every1,

Please share some guide/tutorial/info for my M1 S. The problem is after I update to latest ROM via updater which is version 3.12.13, my google play store is not there. I tried to install with the .apk file, successful installed but I can not login/use the google play store (the short cut is there but once I click it it pop up then auto close). Even I have tried format/clear the ROM before installing new one with other method which is using the power + volume up button (recovery 2.0).

Now I'm stuck, know not what to do. Please help. Any advise is appreciated and thanks in advance.


Oct 22, 2012
you need to go into "recovery mode" and install the Google Apps package (in a .zip form, not .apk)

the google apps package can be found on this forum.
You can access the Recovery Mode through an option from the Updater app.