Manual automation in MiHome app processed only first item in THEN part.


May 19, 2023
I have a problem with some automations. I noticed it both with a scene that should be started as a reaction to a value change, but also with a manual scene where I will explain to you what the problem is. The scene contains several THEN actions, which are supposed to turn off and on some other automation ... but every time I start it, only the first item from the THEN list is executed ... I tried changing the order and it is always the first. This scene worked perfectly in the past. I tried turning it off/on. Restart the application. I tried to create a new similar one, delete the application cache. Other mobiles with ios and android. The scene does not work, nor does the reverse to activate other scenes. I assume it's an error in the automation of switching on other automations soo i think is problem on cloud. I try send feedback but no reaction
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