Market app not registered?


May 13, 2011
Hi all,

When I am on my computer and I try to install an app from the desktop market OTA to my phone, it says that I do not have a device registered to my account.

Does the market app in MIUI not allow for this feature?

Thanks for your help
It does, this might be due to release keys being test keys in the build.prop... if we can get them all together we'll add them to the build.prop's on fridays language pack :)

If ya wanna try yourself, grab the cm7 version for your phone and find the appropriate lines then replace them in the build.prop, the lines you're looking for are:

Good luck mate :D
Thanks for your reply. I actually solved it by downloading market 2.3.4 and downgrading the version with the latest Miui build. Seems to be working seamlessly

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Nice one dude, however certain apps won't show up with test keys (paypal for instance) so you might still wanna edit that build.prop as I'm using the latest market and it works for me OTA ;)