Invalid Mi 10 Pro MIUI 14.0.2 stable App vault error - Network error


Apr 24, 2016
Just recently update to Miui 13 stable - xiaomi.eu_multi_MI10Pro_V13.0.5.0.SJACNXM (from weekly after format data)

While using app vault I'm getting a network error message:
when trying to add a widget the network error occurs,
At the recommended tab:
At the bottom, there is a message "Couldn't load items. Try again."

At the Catagories tab:
Toast "network error" each time I click on the "Try again" button.

Any ideas on how to solve that error?
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I'm from Israel, and it seems I'm blocked, is there anything I can do to fix that?
it might be important to note that I had the global App vault from google play, I deleted that.
Israel is not blocked. I'm from Israel as well and I have no problem connecting to the provider.
The issue on your side.
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