Mi 10 to despair - Either no fingerprint or no banking apps


Sep 12, 2020

I'm getting desperate with my Mi 10.

I had Custom Rom (EU) on it, which also ran quite well. But my banking apps did not run. I tried various tools to enable safetynet-check, it also showed everything green, but still (despite clearing the cache) neither Google Pay nor Bank Apps worked.

Since I had dropped the phone I bought a new display for 150 € and installed it (according to the seller including fingerprint). Since I did not know exactly if it works I reset it before, installed the Xiaomi Global ROM (stable) and set up bootloader lock again. So I could have sold it in case of need.

The repair was successful. But when setting up it comes "Fingerprint could not be added. Please try again later". At the CIT In Fingerprint Sensor Check the tests SPI, RST, OTP are true, only CALI is false. Therefore I do not assume a hardware defect.

Now the question, I had read (but can not find it again) that by locking the bootloader then a partition is blocked and therefore fingerprint does not work. Can I get it unblocked again? Or do I have to install a custom ROM and try again to pass the safetynet check? I would prefer the first, since I would have to slowly get the bank data again (and my untouched Huawei Mate 10 Pro is funnily enough also considered tampered by Banking Apps).

And if so: what's the best way to get rid of the partition? Or the lock to set it up?

Thanks in advance.