Invalid Mi 11 - Google wallet not working - miui 14.08 stable

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Mar 27, 2021
Edit: this has stopped working now
Edit 2: updated to latest play services & wallet, set default payment app to 'amex uk' and 'use default payment app' -> except when another payment app is open, secure elemet to SIM wallet. Open wallet before payment and this works.

I've worked out a working fix that I just validated in store this morning

- Uninstall wallet
- uninstall updates to google play services
(Use play services info or any other app to open google play services in the play store and click uninstall)
- install ''google pay" v2.143.460223562 (apk can be found on apk mirror)
- disable auto-update on play store for google pay
- I can also confirm that I have the Indian "Gpay" also on the same device without any issues
- Dual apps working as well
- You can validate behaviour at home with a spare phone by downloading "Scheckkartenleser" as suggested by @thommygay24
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