Mi 11 Ultra 13.0.12 Update to MIUI 14


Feb 5, 2023
Hello everyone, I have installed a Mi 11 Ultra with the Xiaomi.EU 13.0.12 stable. I want to install MIUI 14 but I don't know exactly how to do it. I don't have TWRP installed. Can someone please give me some advice here?

Greetings Manuel
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Download the latest fastboot miui14 ROM from the download section or the latest miui14 EU fastboot version from mifirm.net for your phone.
Extract the files on your PC. Connect your phone to the pc in fastboot mode. When you see the fastboot logo, open or double click the update CMD app in the downloaded and extracted files. If you want to format or wipe your phone, select the update and format CMD instead.
Let it finish and it will reboot itself. It may take longer on first boot but as long as you see the 3 little dots at the bottom your going to be ok.

You could check out the instructions in this forum too but this is the basics.
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It will be preserved if you only use the update CMD. Obviously if you use update and format, then no, your device will be wiped (formatted)
No need for twrp with fastboot. Once you get A13 flashed, then get twrp installed. OR install A12 twrp, flash the A13 ROM, then Update twrp to the A13 version.
All the EU ROMs now, are designed for both fastboot and twrp flashing in one package, so there is no need to install twrp if you don't want to but it is an easier method of flashing updates as you don't need a pc.
Hello, I just wanted to download the firmware on mifirm, but I can not find MIUI 14 as fastboot to download. Did I miss something? Many greetings