Mi 11 Ultra (star) OTA ROM Update 12.5.20 ---> via OTA with old TWRP

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May 8, 2021
Greetings to all colleagues!
I want to update the firmware on my Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra (star).

Of course, I want to save all the available data in the phone and not get a brick as a result of the firmware.
I apologize in advance for the silly/unintelligible newbie questions.
I try to provide as much input as possible.

At the moment, a stable version of Xiaomi.eu firmware is installed. and recovery TWRP version 3.5.1.

The phone offers me an OTA update on Xuaomi.eu version

1) Can I just agree with the offer and everything will go smoothly without a brick as a result of the firmware?
2) or do I need to update the TWRP recovery first?
3) if I need to update recovery first, then which one of these https://sourceforge.net/projects/recovery-for-xiaomi-devices/files/star/
4) if the answer to question #2. - "yes", can I just flash a new recovery from inside the old one, then boot back into the old system on Android 11? Or the OTA update should already be downloaded by this moment and you need to immediately flash it from inside the newly flashed recovery?
5) I repeat my stupid question - will all data be saved: programs, files, photos, videos?

If I asked something incorrectly or missed - I apologize and help.

Thanks in advance for your help, friends.


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The upgrade should not make you loose data, but if it is really important for you, feel free to backup before the upgrade.

You need to upgrade your TWRP before applying the update, (or to boot it depending on the version) and you need an Android 12 TWRP (in you link, one of the TWRP is for A11, you would want the A12 one ).

For the rest, it is easier to refer to one of the tutorials, rather than hope that someone will validate your vision.
For example :

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