Mi 11 Ultra V12.5.7.0 Front Camera not working


May 28, 2021
Hi all,
Need your help, 3 days ago, I unlocked my bootloader and via TWRP from this guide, managed to install MI EU rom V12.5.7.0.RKACNXM to my CN Mi 11 Ultra. All seems fine in the beginning.
But since yesterday I noticed, I can't use my front camera from Instagram, and then tried camera app, and also tried in CIT test menu (press Kernel version repeatedly from Settings), all are not working.
in CIT test menu, when accessing front camera, it will just stay blank white. other rear camera modules works fine though, only front cam is having this issue.

Already tried restarting phone, reflashing the recovery image from TWRP, clearing cache, still the same issue.
Is this 100% hardware issue?
Any help appreciated.

I tried reflashing the mi eu recovery image from TWRP and format data, front camera still not working
then, i go to fastboot, and use the official fastboot CN ROM flash_all (clean_all), after done front camera still not working

so i think it's 100% percent the hardware issue. i have to return the phone to the seller, i want to re-lock the bootloader first.
what is the correct way to do it? when originally flashing the fastboot CN ROM, i wanted to try "Clean all and lock (flash_all_lock.bat). but i was afraid it'll brick my phone if i miss any step in making sure that it's ready for re-lock. (e.g. TWRP still in inactive slot maybe? i'm not so sure if this is a valid case)

note: i'm using official fastboot CN rom because my device is the mi 11 ultra CN version, M2102K1C.
Also worth noting, in CIT test, first test menu (check version info), Ese Memory Total is showing number 0 in red on this device, while my other mi 11 ultra device, Ese Memory total is showing number 1 in green

CIT test menu front camera:
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Ese memory total:
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in recap, steps i did:
#1 unlock bootloader
#2 boot TWRP
#3 flash mi.eu 12.5.7. format data
#4 use for several days, realized front camera not working
#5 reflash mi.eu 12.5.7 via twrp. format data. front camera still not working
#6 flash fastboot CN 12.5.7 via miflash, using flash_all (clean_all.bat), front camera still not working
#7 decide wanting to return the phone
#8 how to relock bootloader, is it safe to just flash fastboot CN 12.5.7 via miflash using "Clean all and lock (flash_all_lock.bat)"? is there any step i missed? (e.g. inactive slot still having custom mi.eu rom?)

anyone with expertise, kindly need your help, thanks

additional info:
from what i read, relocking bootloader with the incorrect rom not shipped with the device will cause brick.
while i know that the current rom i'm on is the one it's shipped with (CN ROM), and the fastboot installation that i'm about to do for flash_all_lock.bat is also the very same CN ROM, I'm still not sure about the a/b partition.
will it still have the remains of the custom EU rom i installed previously? thus resulted in bricking the device when relocking the bootloader?

i have to be absolutely sure about this because if the device is bricked, i'll lose my money for sure, cos the seller will not accept bricked device to be exchanged. i'm in southeast asian country with no official support for this device.
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