mi 13 and galaxy watch 5 pro


Jun 2, 2011

i got my mi 13 today.
running mi china obvious, but i cant install my galaxy watch 5 pro.

I get the message this watch isnt supported on this device
Anybody got an idea?


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thnks for trying, but its stuck at the same place where eu apps crashes... i will look for chinese galaxy wearable app if thats working
I have 3 SmartWatches. One LG watch, one galaxy watch and one galaxy watch 4. I tried all the possibilities to connect that I found in web pages. I tried through wear os, Chinese wear os, galaxy wear, Samsung health... And I always receive the same. Always fail in the connection between the phone and the Bluetooth SmartWatch. The SmartWatch never appear conected. If someone knows any solution please let us know. For me it's impossible to connect with my xiaomi 13 pro. Now I only wait for a eu rom for this phone that's sure solve all this problems.