Mi 4c - Custom Rom Flash Vs. Bootloader Lock Issue ?

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  1. RPieter


    Jan 30, 2016
    Hi all,

    I am completely new to Xiaomi. I bought my Mi 4c yesterday and was reading about how to install a ROM so I had all my Google Apps and a good translation of the system. But then I came across this post. I wanted to flash my ROM via TWRP. On the forum I found 2 ROM's I can use for the MI 4c:
    - xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_V7.1.6.0.LXKCNCK_v7-5.1.zip --> this is the stable version
    - xiaomi.eu_multi_libra_6.1.28_v7-5.1.zip --> this is the developer version

    Can anyone tell me that when I now flash 1 of these 2 ROM versions to my phone, it will have a locked bootloader? Will it make any difference to do what is explained in this post first?: http://en.miui.com/thread-217641-1-1.html

    To be sure I also applied already to unlock my bootloader via this link: http://www.miui.com/unlock. After doing that it said I had to wait now for 10 days for their respons. Not sure this will make a difference. Should I wait with flashing another ROM until I got confirmation that my bootloader is unlocked? I really do not want to brick my phone now that I know there is an issue with flashing to another ROM.

    Thanks a lot for your answer. Pieter
  2. Ulver


    Mar 24, 2012
    If you flash this ROM it wont lock your bootloader. Only the China dev ROM 6.1.14 and forward will

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  3. alnug8


    Jan 20, 2016
    Step to check if you can install

    check if bootloader is locked
    - power off the phone
    - keep volume down and power pressed. keep them pressed an if you're lucky you'll be presented with fastboot screen

    - if you can see fastboot screen you. You most likely have an unlocked bootloader in which case you can install TWRP

    To install TWRP
    - you need the fastboot and Xiaomi USB drivers (please search for Xioami USB drivers also - some links to them in this post http://www.beritahuaja.com/2015/10/how-to-root-xiaomi-mi4c.html?en-gb)
    - download the TWRP - http://en.miui.com/thread-169401-1-1.html - versions before had touch issues. You need the img version and rename to recovery.img (mainly for ease for the next part)

    - Once you've downloaded/installed and got into fastboot on your phone and connected up open a command window from the fastboot folder (shift+right click on windows gives the special context menu that include open command window)
    - Type in fastboot flash recovery recovery.img
    - It'll flash and say complete after a fairly short while
    - HERE IS THE IMPORTANT BIT. DO NOT IMMEDIATELY REBOOT to the system or you won't be able to access TWRP. While still on the fastboot screen, keep volume up pressed while pressing power button. you should after the Mi logo get into TWRP.

    - if you let it reboot back to system you will be greeted with Mi recovery after trying the above procedure and have to redo the flashing.

    - Once you are in TWRP - flash the new xiaomi.eu rom and reboot.

    - Once you're on a xiaomi.eu rom you should be able to access TWRP without having to reflash each time.
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