MI A2 Touchscreen problems


Mar 17, 2019
For the last month I've been experiencing a horrible lag/unresponsivness on my phone.

It's really noticable when trying to type fast on the keyboard. While researching about similar problems with Xiaomi phones i saw a video of a similar problem on Pocophone F1 where a guy was showing the problem on an app called Real Drum. So I decided to try it on my phone and I had the same problem.

It's REALLY annoying considering I am using this phone for communication only and that's where typing speed is very important.
I don't have a screen protector on, I turned off vibration on key press, turned off gestures... Nothing helped resolve the issue.

It happens often but not always so I'm interested if it's software or hardware problem as I have a warranty for the phone. But I reckon that they would just change the screen and I don't know if it's worth it, or maybe I could try to install a new ROM, even if it's voids the warranty I have.