Mi Max 3 Call Making Problem


Jan 6, 2020
I installed eu rom on my Mi Max 3 phone. Everything works very well, but I open the phone book to make a call, when I click on the person I want to call, it does not respond as if the touchscreen is faulty. It responds to 3 or 4 clicks and calls. When I want to make a call from the last dialed people, I process without any problems. Also, I don't have this problem in any other rom, I'm only having problems with How can we fix it?
Aug 18, 2018
Hello, the same thing happens to me too. It happens to me in versions 12.5 and 12.0.2, therefore I had to go back to 12.0.1, which is the one that has gone the best to date, except that at the start of the device and after putting the pin of the sim I get the screen lock with letters and numbers (very small) and that in version 12.0.2 and 12.5 no longer happens, since only the numeric keyboard comes out in a big way.