Mi Max 3 fastboot issue


Apr 6, 2019

I've got a Mi Max 3, the 3 days ago the phone started playing up after a it was submerged in water. Initially after it was covered in water it worked fine and I had no issue. A day or so later it started in a fastboot cycle, it will power up for a couple of seconds with the fastboot screen and then automatically power down to then go through the cycle again. It does this continually until it kills the battery, when you plug it in it starts the cycle again. I can't get the mi software to recovery it as it's only powered up for a second or 2 before it shuts down.

Any ideas?


Dec 2, 2017
If you have insurance use that, figure on it never being like new again.

You should have packed it in dry rice (raw, uncooked) immediately for 2-3 days, or better opened it up to dry it out.

I once dried a Nokia Communicator that had fallen out of my pocket into a lake in my oven at 50° for a few hours.
It survived and worked ok, but the screen was never completely normal after that.