Mi-ONE for cricket wireless?


Dec 16, 2011
the phone supports CDMA and GSM. It technically can work on either network. The issue is USA CDMA carriers will not activate devices not sold by them. There is no technical reason why the MI-One will not work with Verizon or Sprint. Both corporations refuse to activate devices that you do not purchase from them. They work off a whitelist.

You are correct it will not work. I just wanted to clarify that it is not the fault of the phone but the carrier.


Oct 15, 2011
if its true and the mi-one is a global phone (cdma&gsm) than i see no reason it wouldnt work on cricket. as for you CamiloSan cricket excepts flashed phones there not strict like verizon/sprint/alltel but i do see a problem actually flashing the phone to cricket. if anyone has actually used miui on a phone they know theres no way to access the epst settings, your required to flash back to a stock rom to do all your epst settings then flash back to miui. but if the phone actually has a new built in epst app like htc devices then there shouldnt be a problem and i will be getting one of these.