Mi pad 4/room WEEKLY error paly store


May 12, 2019
hello community I have a problem with the WEEKLY rom. the installation all right but I have a problem with the play store does not let me discard app. I have already tried to make all possible solutions how to delete the cache clean data remove the account. Return to reinstall the room and ne still bothering the same pending download problem.
Now I have tried and installed the estsble room of miu 10 version 10.2 and the play store is going well and I do not have that problem.
cone solve the problem with the WEEKLY room. I would appreciate it very much


May 6, 2019
I Also that problema with v10.3 estable.it was solved by staying V10.2.
This problem still happens to me with version 10.4, everything works fine, it is able to navigate with router network and download applications from Play strore but it is waiting for downloads of Play Store applications if you connect to the mobile phone network, and tested to clear cache..etc any solution (with version 10.2, this does not happen)
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