MI10 [closed]

Mar 22, 2016
I did, clean install, wipe everything, data, system, cache and dalvik. First impression... ugly, bold fonts, ugly, ugly.
Some initial problems with incomplete google contacts sync, solved clearing the cache in contacts app followed by a log out from mi account.
I've lost my beautiful black theme and now told ya, it's ugly, **** design. But this is my opinion.
Sep 9, 2016
A dirty flash is possible, but not recommended. I seriously advise you to perform a clean install so that you are not frustrated by MIUI10.
Since this is a fairly young version of the MIUI10, there are still several errors in the system.
The battery consumption is currently still quite high. Various translation errors still exist.
I would now classify the status of MIUI10 as a pretty good beta version.
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Feb 25, 2018
Did a clean install (format) just to start fresh. Works well, noticeably faster, doesn't look too bad and the only bug I found so far is the notification issue on the lock screen that seems to be an issue across all devices not just the Note 2.
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