MI2 - Loading Launcher... after clearing apps

Feb 7, 2013
Since I updated from 3.12.20 to 4.1.3 on my mi2 long pressing the home button and clearing the running apps forces the launcher to reload. Is anyone else experiencing the same behavior?

I already tried to flash a fresh image (with cwm and not using the updater app) and this fresh rom also has the same behavior so it doesn't seem related to any apps I installed. A friend with a mi1 doesn't have this problem after upgrading.

Any help, tips or ideas?

Edit: when I use a different launcher the problem is not there.
Feb 3, 2012
I have similar problem. I dint have weatherBZ installed. When i use browser or other app for longer time, returning to the launcher is reloading it. Its taking 3-4 seconds and its quite inconvinient. Sgs s3 device.