Mi2a Stuck On Boot. Need Help.


May 1, 2015
Hello guys. My MI2A stuck on boot after some common updates a month ago. And i need your help or ideas.

* Android doesn't start, phone stuck on white MI logo;
* Recovery mode doesn't work; Phone try to boot into recovery but restarted in normal mode;
* only fastboot mode works great; =)
* some time ago i have problems with battery drain (internal flash problems with media service), but clearing cache works like a charm;

What i already try:
* Install stable or develop images with MiPhone20141107 with "flash_all" mode: taurus_images_4.10.10_4.1_cn, taurus_images_4.12.5_4.1_cn, taurus_images_JLB49.0_4.1_cn, taurus_images_JLB52.0_4.1_cn (last was 4.12.5_4.1); Flash OK and status green, but phone not started and recovery doesnt work.
* update "CWM_recovery_r11_u1_taurus" manually with command "fastboot flash recovery recovery.img". Same symptoms.
* I buy a new battery. Buttery works great, but phone not; =)

Some info:
> fastboot devices
e71ccd10        fastboot
> fastboot oem device-info
(bootloader)    Device tampered: true
(bootloader)    Device unlocked: true
OKAY [  0.000s]
finished. total time: 0.016s