mi2s mute problem

Oct 12, 2013
Hi all,

I've got a Xiaomi M2S Quad Core Smartphone 1.7GHz 2GB RAM 4.3 Inch HD Screen 3G MHL, updated to miuiandroid_aries_jb-3.10.11. I've got a problem with the phone, because almost all sound seems to be muted. When I go to Settings > Volume, all the bars are maximized. When I change the volumebar on bluetooth volume or voice volume, I can hear a soft demo sound playing (so the speaker isn't dead). When I change the volume bar on any other settings, or use the volume keys on the side of the phone to change the volume, I hear nothing. Also, when a message arrives or an incoming call happens, there's no sound either.

I've found an older post on another forum (other phone also) which describes exactly my problem. There are however no responses to that one: http://forums.miui.us/threads/22308-All-sound-muted

So it seems to be something that happens more often. Anybody heard of this or does anybody know a solution?

Thanks in advance,

Oct 10, 2013

I think its probem with rear speaker (the front one work....otherwise, i couldnt talk).

Not sure if its a tech or Software problem though.

My problem started with some sudden sound distorsion (while listening music or anyting). Then its was ok.....and one morning (after few days ) my alarm didnt ring.....and nothing made sound anymore.

PS. I doubt 3.10.11 version is reason, since i had older version