Mi3 Stuck on fastboot , how i can get out from fastboot ?

Sep 14, 2014
I need your help please, i rebooted my phone wrongly to fastboot mode (i was just wanted to try it, i did it from settings and reboot to fastboot) , and i tried to get out from this but i can't i tried the following:
1- long press on Power button but nothing :(
2- long press on power + Volum Up , it sends me to recovery mode :) , but unfortunately in recovery mode i can't use the volum up and down to navigate to other choices only power putton is working :(
3- i tried to use the fastboot mode to flash Rom "cancro_images_KXDCNBF23.0_4.4_cn.tgz" using MiFlash tool so i can restart my phone again but it gives me error "cannot load 'C:\Users\Ahmed': No error)" :(
4- after alot of search i downloaded "Minimal ADB and fastboot" tool i tried command "fastboot reboot" = its rebooted the fastboot but still com again :(

Please any one know how to get out from this please write to me :)