MI5 Black Screen


Mar 23, 2019
Hello Guys, after a failed rom flashing ,i become the black screen error. my pc recognizes my device not (win 10, 64 bit), my bootloader is unlocked,
sometimes when i put my device on pc , the shines for 1-3 minutes the red led light, that is all what my device can make,
fastboot not go (no picture on the screen)
mi flash not go, mi flash shows no ports, (i use different versions)
tprw not go, not more installed
mi pc suite not go, not recognized my device, (i use different versions)
by the first time i find self a solution for this problem, over the cmd i can flash manually a fastboot rom,
by the sencond time, i can`t do it on the same way again, the problem is now,
cmd not recognized the device, it shows the error waiting for device, and now device 0 not found (before it shows the correct device model number), when i give the adb commands,
than i buy a deep flash cable, make my windows new, problem is now the correctly driver installation, the quallcom usb driver 9008, i can`t not correct installed,
i thing the problem is, in the device manager, i not find the quallcom driver QHSUSB_BULK by other and unkown devices ( windows can not recognized the device, that is the problem i think) mybaye i make it not correct, maybe
have anybody i idea for my fck problem, thx guys for your time