Mi5 Pro Help!. Mobile Data Not Working After Flashing.

Jun 29, 2013
Can I please get help with this .. I'm From New Zealand.. I orderd phone from china. Got to here and got my unlock code.. so i can use different rom ect. When it arrived it seemed to be unlocked for New Zealand so mobile data was working at full speed and was all going well.. Baseband I'm guessing ? . i started Flashing roms and trying things I noticed it was hard to set "locale" in the startup new rom settings.. and couldn't find new Zealand region .. and procced to seleted random countrys to further procced with the installation . I then noticed it wouldn't connect to the mobile data connection at all!! only WIFI was working.. How can i reset it back to normal??

Edit/update/FIXED! Sorry all fixed it seemed like I just needed to top up my data... I was very sure I still had some data left but it also helps me and others who might think there mobile data connectivity isn't working after flashing a freash rom . Check to make sure you actuley have some data left befor thinking its the phones software issue. Thanks
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