New [mi9se - 12.5.1 stable] wifi stops working upon roaming AP


May 4, 2020
Hello, seems I encountered a bug in wifi in the latest stable for mi9se.
I have two identical access point at home running openWRT configured for 802.11k/v/r roaming.
With previous 12.0.3 stable release I moved seamlessly across access point retaining wifi connectivity. The same I do with my notebook.
After (clean) installing 12.5.1 often wifi stops working when i change room. WIFI icon continues tho show SSID association, but i am prompted to switch to cellular data because wifi network has no Internet access. Obviously I can navigate through wifi at the same time with other devices.
I attach an excerpt of the logs while problem lastly occurred. I see some errors (write permission?).
Please let me know how I can further debug this issue.


  • adb-radio-part.log.txt
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  • adb-wifi-part.log.txt
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