Mic/earpiece not working in call? Google Voice call via Bluetooth blocked while phone is locked?


Dec 20, 2019
Hi I am experiencing 2 severe bugs I found on my Mi MIX 2S running Xiaomi.eu 9.12.12 rom.

I fresh installed the rom from an AOSP android 10 rom (Arrow OS 10), which was installed from a stock MIUI 11.0.4 Global stable rom base.

Issue 1) While in call, i can not hear anything from earpiece, and the person on the other end can not hear anything from me either. If I switch on Speaker mode, both sides can hear well. And bluetooth headset works fine in call too. I tested my mic and earpiece using test app,and it works fine so it's not a hardware problem for sure.

Issue 2) while in Android Auto or Bluetooth mode in a car, and place a call from car infotainment system (like in android auto screen) using Google Voice (so a phone call initiated from Phone dialer will route to Google Voice app then make the call), the call can not be made. It will pause the music for few seconds then resume playing music. I noticed i have to unlock the phone itself and then start the call from car stereo (either bluetooth phone call interface or Android Auto), then it works fine. Is this a MIUI problem or xiaomi.eu rom issue?

Anyone has similar problems like these? Thanks for the help!