Missing Calendar


Sep 24, 2011
I've been having a strange issue a while now. I am using MIUI ROM ICS 2.6.1 on my I9100. My calendar app isn't showing anymore. I can see that it still reads the calendar data as I have a third party calendar widget that display the data, but I have no way of opening up my calendar. If I go into settings and apps I don't see the calendar app listed - it just lists the calendar storage. I have also had a look at system/app and the calendar.apk is there. I've also tried replacing with another calendar.apk and it doesn't work.

Can somebody please help me.
If your missing the apk you could take your rom that you downloaded and copy it to another folder extract it then place the the calendar apk on your sd card, then copy/move it to your system/app folder with a file manager that give you access to the system file like root explorer ect.. then reboot your phone that should bring your calendar back..
Im search for a colored emoji MMS.apk, in the WEB nothing found !!! Pleas can hell me?

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@SavageBrat yeah I tried that but there was an existing apk already there - I replaced and rebooted but still no access to my calendar.