Missing option: No wallpaper on lock screen


Jul 21, 2011
Hi, fellows...

I have updated my phone to the last version of MIUI (1.7.29) and started playing with the lock screen settings...

While I was doing that, I've changed the wallpaper of the lock screen. Later I realized that the option to have no wallpaper on the lock screen (use the same from the home screen) is missing...

I'd like to set my lock screen to use the same wallpaper as my home screen. Any ideas on how can I do that?

I appreciate any help.

Tks. Rgds.
Hi... Searching a little more in the forum, I've found this post showthread.php?8790-Miui-theme-manager-1.7.29&p=77889&viewfull=1#post77889 in which rikardo1979 told Chris Garner to push an earlier version of ThemeManager.apk using adb... I decided to try this (but, of course, I first took a backup of the ThemeManager.apk included in MIUI 1.7.29).

Although this brings some little caveats (the screen looks a little weird), I was able to set a transparent background to the lock screen and then I used adb to push the 1.7.29 version of ThemeManager.apk back to it's place.

Now all I have to do is pay attention so I do not overwrite the wallpaper when I change the lockscreen style again... :)

Well, resuming, these are the steps I took:
1) backup ThemeManager.apk app
adb pull /system/app/ThemeManager.apk bk.apk

2) push the earlier version
adb push ThemeManager.apk /system/app

3) on the phone, I've launched the Theme Manager app and set the lock background to be transparent

4) push back the 1.7.29 version of ThemeManager.apk
adb push bk.apk /system/app/ThemeManager.apk

I hope this can help someone...

One more tip...

If you get an error message about 'Read-only file system' when trying to use adb push, use the following commands:

adb root shell
adb remount

Then try again...