MIUI 0.12.18 - "traffic control" app built-in bugs


Nov 30, 2010
very nice the "traffic control" app built-in in this new MIUI release.

But I'm having 2 boring bugs:

- 1 - missing "reset point" for counters. Imagine that I want set the sms limit @ 50 for day. I can set 50 as limit... but there is no way to set "reset to 0 at midnight"...
Actually this app simply count all sms showing how many in excess than the limit I setup. No way to reset the counter when I need this.

- 2 - bug when I try to fix the 3G limit. FC if no wifi or 3G connection in that moment. If connected on the Net, I receive "0 value not allowed" popup for all numers I try to insert on the 3G limit.

Am I the only one with these issues?