MIUI 10 users, what would make the ROM perfect for you?

Jun 27, 2018
I have always been a fan of stock android until recently, I'm simply in love with latest MIUI 10 and I think it's a lot more exciting than Android P, but there are some few annoying aspects about it that I wish it would change, like for example the notifications on lock screen and the head up notifications to behave exactly as in stock.

What is the change you wish to see in MIUI 10 that would make it your ideal rom?
Jun 21, 2018
It would be IDEAL for me it it would have dark theme. I don't like this bright colors everywhere, my eyes are feeling pain because of it at night
Jun 25, 2018
I would like if xiaomi put icons, next to the notch (at least 5-6 icons are there, as long as they shrink the notch). I think we should wait for the new Android P, to do it. also, I prefer that they put a stereo sound on Mi 8 (maybe with module ... example module taken from Magisk)
May 2, 2016
I've always liked MIUI. With the time it becomes less customisable, but it is not a problem. Xiaomi.eu provides some basic grid modifications and if a favourites tray from a theme such as "Design 9" is applied, the grid can be almost freely customised. I have some reserves for the toggles look in MIUI 10 - I prefer the old style and especially something which looks like the toggles in Flyme, but again, nothing which I cannot to live with. For me MIUI is the best OS(Launcher). Unfortunately I cannot say the same for the look of the Xiaomi devices for last year. The good specs devices are huge and ugly, some of them have notches for no reason (actually the reason is to be trendy), the devices which could be somehow good looking such as Redmi 6/6a have huge bezels.
I bought Redmi 5 plus when it was released and after 2 day usage I exchanged it with my wife for her 3 years old Mi4. I used the Mi4 for 6-7 months and decided I am ready for big device. A month ago I bought Redmi Note 5 Pro. From the day I have it, everyday I am searching for replacement with something suitable for usage by humans and with good look. There is no such phone on the market except Meizu 15 (thought it is too big too), but I am not ready to pay 350 USD for something with the specs of my hated from the deep of the heart Redmi Note 5.
Maybe I'll take again the Mi4.
Jul 26, 2018
I whould love to be able to open calculator without unlocking the phone, and to be able of entering one handed mode with a gesture on the fingerprint sensor when fullscreen gestures control is enabled