MIUI 12 Mi Account Sign-In not working

Nov 17, 2020
Hello Community
I have debloated my Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite (toco) when I was on MIUI 11 with the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools.jar. I am currently running MIUI 12.0.2 EEA. As I wanted to unlock my bootloader now, I needed to sign in to a Xiaomi Account, but it doesn't work unfortunately.
When I click at Mi Account in the Settings app, nothing happens and when I go to Xiaomi Cloud and click on login, also nothing happens.
I have already re-installed Mi Community, Mi Cloud, MIUI Analytics, MIUI Bugreport, Joyose, MSA, Mi Connect Service, Tencent Soter Service, Xiaomi Service Framework using the ADB/Fastboot Tools.
According to Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools the only things that are still "uninstalled" are com.android.browser, com.facebook.*, com.google.android.apps.tachyon, com.google.android.videos, com.micredit.in, com.android.providers.partnerbookmarks and com.netflix.partner.activation.
Is there anything else I can reinstall using an ADB command or is there any other fix for my problem?
I would really appreciate your help!