mi note 10 lite

  1. S

    Display issue or HW issue

    hi all, I need your advice, somehow my phone display is like the one below (my own real photo is attached), with no drop damage, no pressure, no hard use, and no water damage. not even any single scratch. one year ago I see that the screen starts to turn off unexpectedly while working, after...
  2. S

    Failed to install Xiami eu 12.5 on my Mi Note 10 Lite

    Hey guys! yesterday i tried to install the Xiaomi.eu 12.5 ROM on my Mi Note 10 Lite and i failed :/ I unlocked the Phone normally by waiting 170h without a problem. After that i installed the TWRP from the XDA Forum (v3.4.0-14). Everything without a problem. Then after i booted up into TWRP i...
  3. Andrew733

    How can I roll back OTA update 12.5.1

    Hello friends, Xiaomi Mi Note 10 lite Shes phone 12.5.1(OTA) Android 11 RFNEUXM my wife would also like to have 12.5.1 xiaomi.eu. Today she has OTA 12.5.1. After you have my 12.5.1 xiaomi.eu 12.5.1 she almost burst into tears. No futures, no superwall, nothing!!! :( She would like to have...
  4. coldhand25

    Pretty new to Xiaomi EU, how stable it is, how well does it work in Mi Note 10 Lite? (And some other minor questions)

    So, I've only just learned about Xiaomi EU, and I'm not quite sure if I understand everything about it correctly. So as far as I understand Xiaomi EU is based on the Chinese ROM - but, Google services are enabled. That's correct? Can I use any Google app, like phone, messages, gmail, pay...
  5. M

    Selecting best stable EU ROM and differences

    Hi all, I have Mi Note 10 Lite and i want to change my stock stable ROM with EU ROM but i have some questions. *What is the differences between MIUI ROM ve MIUI Stable ROM? I attached screenshot. **I am not using Google Play Services and apps on my phone. I am using SAI for installing bundled...
  6. I

    New [Mi Note 10 Lite] [12.1.1 12.1.3]

    Hi, I have flashed 12.1.1 and 12.1.3 EU ROM and also 12.1.1 global ROM on my Mi Note 10 Lite and on all of these, I have found the bugs below. Currently, as these three ROMS are practically unusable, I have flashed back to 12.0.3 global ROM and none of the bugs below exist and everything works...
  7. I

    New [MIUI | Stable] Mi Note 10 Lite Phone App crash

    Hi all, Not long ago I got an update to on my Mi Note 10 Lite, and since then I have a problem answering calls. The first few times when I slid the phone icon to answer I got something like "Phone app has crashed". A few days ago started to be a bit different, so when I slide the...
  8. R

    Anyone can help

    After updating miui 12.0.3 my phone have one side notch black why? i didn't drop it or anything just turned it off good at night and morning it was like this in photo I tried factory reset not work , I tried re install the update not work Any help?
  9. S

    MIUI 12 Mi Account Sign-In not working

    Hello Community I have debloated my Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Lite (toco) when I was on MIUI 11 with the Xiaomi ADB/Fastboot Tools.jar. I am currently running MIUI 12.0.2 EEA. As I wanted to unlock my bootloader now, I needed to sign in to a Xiaomi Account, but it doesn't work unfortunately. When I...
  10. Joana

    Mi Note 10 Lite

    How to configure the Mi True wireless earbuds in the sound of recording video?
  11. C

    Resolved Mi note 10 lite miui 12 phone call screen error

    In the mi note 10 lite eu stable rom from the new miui 12 update, the search screen does not appear in incoming calls. The phone rings but the call screen is not displayed. I cannot answer incoming calls, click return to call, but no results.